1. Switching From Prednisone To Cortef StevZoliom

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    - A child who started defending children rights activities at 10 years old when she refused to marry at that age when she lost her same age aunt “mother’s sister” who burned herself and committed suicide. After a while, her sister tried to commit suicide for same reason when she was forced to marry although she was not recovered from her burns. - When the turn came on Nada, She escaped the day of her wedding to another city and videotaped herself asking for help and begs for not getting her married. The video was widely spread and got big global support with 8 million views in 3 days. The video also was translated by supporters to 30 different languages worldwide and them there has been big media coverage in the globe. Her story was written in French for the first time and was published in a book which was lately translated into several languages. After saving herself and become legally under her uncle care , she took a pledge to continue her straggle to safe as many children as possible.
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  3. South-African Extravaganza

    Monday 20 Nov, London, 7pm
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  4. Children Celebration

    Celebration Of Children Rights
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  5. Igi

    Be a part of Humanium innovative virtual gala dinner. It’s socialising with loved ones to help raise awareness for children. Location Nairobi, Kenya 8pm EAT
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